Be inspired with these 7 different boudoir outfit ideas that aren’t what you would expect. Whether you want to look casual or glammed up, you’re sure to love one of these boudoir outfits, instead of lingerie!

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When thinking about a boudoir session, most people immediately expect lacy undergarments.  But, believe it or not, there are SO MANY different options you could rock for your boudoir session if you’re not into all the lace and strings.

So… what would YOU wear instead of lingerie for your session?

1. Vintage Tee and Thigh High Socks or Stockings

One of my FAVORITE alternate boudoir outfit looks is an old band tee and fishnet stockings or thigh high socks.  Combined with the casual feel from the t-shirt, the stockings elevate the look to make it more punk and give it total rockstar vibes.  You can choose a top that resonates with who you are, whether you’re into music, movies, TV shows, video games or even classic products.  It’s a great way to really show off who YOU are, while getting some powerful images to go along with it.

2. Ripped Jeans and a Sports Bra

There’s something very “girl next door” that can be said about a sports bra combined with a pair of ripped jeans.  Giving the classic Calvin Klein vibes, this alternate boudoir outfit option can look both casual and sexy at the same time.  Swap out the sports bra for a lacy bralette and grab those fishnets again to peek through the rips in your jeans for an even sexier look.

3. Boxer Shorts and a Tank

Continuing with the casual look, boxer shorts and a tank top are exactly that.  With the “just got out of bed” feel to this look, you can definitely explore more of that “girl next door” vibe as well.  Take this outfit option to the next level by grabbing a pair of your partner’s boxers and wear your tank top with no bra underneath.  Another similar option is a pajamas set or lounge outfit.

4. Off the Shoulder Sweater

This might be one of my absolutely favorite looks for my boudoir sessions with my clients.  An off the shoulder sweater is one of my go-to suggestions when my clients want to be sensual, but still more covered up.  For this boudoir outfit, the baggier the sweater the better.  Paired with a bright colored, patterned, black or nude bra or no bra at all, you can change the feel of this look to cater precisely to your personality.  For the bottom, you can choose to wear a matching pair of underwear to your bra and pair that with thigh high socks, if you prefer to cover up your legs.

5. Crop Top and Faux Leather Leggings

Now we’re starting to look less casual and more glammed up.  Pairing faux leather leggings with anything automatically gives the outfit a much edgier vibe.  For those who wish to still be more covered up for their session, it’s a fantastic way to still get sexy, glamorous photographs, without showing too much skin.  You could really play around with the colors of this too in order to change the feel of the look.  Imagine an all black corset top versus a bright red or pink top.  You could even forgo those two options and choose an embellished body chain top. The variations are endless, but continuously edgy!

6. A Dress

With the variety of options wearing a dress can offer, your possibilities are limitless.  Want to be glamorous, fun or sensual?  The style of dress you choose can alter the look and vibe of your boudoir session drastically.  Looking for a more casual and sensual look?  Go with a satin or silk slip dress.  Make it more teasing and exciting by letting one or both of the straps slip off your shoulder.  You can also choose a short or longer length to alter the look further.  For something more glamorous, you could choose a bright color or pattern cocktail dress or even a long gown.  Having a train on the dress will also add an element of movement to your images if you hold it and swing it around playfully.



7. Business Suit

A tailored, well fitting suit is a fantastic way to embody that “Powerful, CEO, Boss Lady” vibe.  Whether it’s a skirt suit, pant suit or just a tailored jacket, you will harness CEO Badassery.  (I decided this is a word now).  I’ve seen clients wear a cami top, corset bra, regular bra, and even no bra to alter this look.  Additionally, shoes are another option to change the look and feel of this too.  Combat boots create a more edgy vibe, while heals look more polished and refined.  Decide what options make you feel the most like yourself, but even more amplified and dominant.


So, if the reason you’re not booking a session for yourself is because you’re not into wearing lingerie… don’t wear lingerie for your session!

Wear what makes you feel good. Wear what makes you feel confident. Wear what makes you feel sexy. Wear what makes you YOU.

The possibilities are endless!

So… now what’s your excuse?

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